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        Current position:Join Guobang > Employee Philosophy
        Employee PhilosophySalary and BenefitsJobs
        Employee Philosophy
        Establish business, develop a country
        Guiding Philosophy
        With our social value of building up people and country and prospering industry and country, to select and hire talents who are willing to strive.
        Guiding Philosophy
        Development Path
        Development Path
        Our company is committed to training and utilizing talents to help them demonstrate their abilities, build trust, shoulder responsibility, share value and make joint decisions.
        01 Basic Learning
        Induction: Graduate induction training camp, enterprise culture lessons, necessary skills and knowledge training
        General skills: General product technologies, department system training, internal lecturer training
        02 Further Learning
        Professional skills: Technological skills training, professional promotion training
        Management skills: Management talent training, management rotation training, STP training, EDP cadre training at Zhejiang University
        Guobang Academy: Professional skills, academic credentials, professional knowledge
        Double-degree study leave: Further upgrade your skills and reach a higher level.
        03 Practice training
        Provide employees with drive and capability with the opportunity for on-the-job training, while providing tutors, in order to develop and tap into their potential.
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