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        Current position: About Us > Guobang Culture
        Chairman's AddressOverviewMilestonesGuobang CultureHonorsGroup members
        Guobang Culture
        Establish business, develop a country
        Corporate philosophy
        Corporate philosophy

        Mission: To share the beauty of science, nature and life
        Social value:Build up people and country, prosper industry and country
        Corporate spirit: Professionalism, harmony, progress
        Corporate style: Trustworthy, manageable, efficient
        Business policy: Innovative, intensive, collaborative, sharing

        Development goals

        Striving to provide services that benefit life and health as our mission, to replicate similar products horizontally and extend the production chain vertically, to expand our range of services and cover the global market.

        Development goals
        Manpower goals
        Manpower goals

        With our social value of building up people and country and prospering industry and country, to gather talented personnel who will make contributions to society.

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